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Five Star Reviews

We had a leaking boiler, a loo that wouldn't flush, and a clapped out Mira shower. Keith replaced the shower, we thought we needed a new loo, not necessary said Keith, and fixed it perfectly. When he showed up with the new boiler, he concluded that the old one merely needed a new overflow pipe, and we didn't need a new boiler at all. An honest, efficient job which saved us a load of money. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Keith. Perfect service.

Geraint Hughes - Brighton

Keith fixed a leaking cistern for me today in an efficient and methodical manner. He came at fairly short notice, was courteous and cleared any mess that was made. He kept me informed of new parts that were required, and why, and also fixed some problems created by previous installation. Value for money and business like, I would recommend Keith as an excellent plumber who delivers on price and efficiency.

Mervyn Prescott - Brighton

Keith did a fantastic job for us (replacement of tricky-to-replace
wall-mounted thermostatic shower mixer fitting) - he was prompt, friendly, informative, speedy (but WITHOUT cutting corners!), willing to go the extra mile (in our case, sourcing extra parts to make awkward pipework fit) and VERY good value. The best plumber we've ever used - and we've used plenty! We'd recommend him unhesitatingly.

Also, he likes HobNobs - which in itself makes him a top bloke in our view.

Fran & Frank Flood - Brighton

When a toilet cistern is being glue to the wall by an uncaring builder you only need the immense patient of Keith to chisel it off the wall without damaging the porcellain! And when a job takes all solid working noon instead of the quoted half an hour labour with no extra charge, this is what I call ethical plumbing. Keith went the extra mile and some! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to any of my friends. A true professional customer services second to none.

Fabio Beltrami - Brighton

Keith came to my flat via my Landlord to fix a leak in the cistern part of
my toilet, causing it not to flush and resigning me to using a bucket!
He replaced the water inlet valve and section of pipe that was the main culprit, explaining to me exactly what he had done, as well as cleaning
up perfectly afterwards. I also learned where the water stop-cocks were
in my flat. 
I very much like the way that Keith runs Ethical Plumbing; in the way he sources local materials, recycles parts and his atittude to customer care. It is always encouraging to meet a local business with decent values and the desire to do a good job. Thank you Keith.

Justin Colman - Hove
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